Rules of Colorwiz Club:

1. It is forbidden to use the same mobile phone to register multiple accounts in order to defraud bonuses (using the same IP account is prohibited). It is also prohibited to use multiple phones to register multiple accounts

2. If you need to register a new account under special circumstances, please contact the teacher for authorization.

3. Each member can only have one Colorwiz Account, and it is prohibited to cheat bonuses in any form.

4. If you just recharge and withdraw money immediately, it is impossible. The sum of your bet amount should be equal to your recharge principal to prevent criminals from laundering money

The above are the basic rules. All members are requested to strictly observe. If the rules are violated, Colorwiz management has the right to suspend all illegal accounts in order to maintain the fairness and impartiality of the game. In severe cases, the account will be frozen.